Frequently Asked Questions

I recently noticed that there is mold on my vents. What is causing that? And how do I fix it?

Microbial growth on vents most often occurs when the temperature of the vent drops below the temperature of the surrounding air, causing condensation.  This condition can be caused by:

Low evaporator air flow from poor duct design, high-resistance filters, dirty filters or lack of maintenance.  If the airflow is reduced, the supply air is colder than per system design and metal vents can easily get below the dewpoint of the room air.

Excess indoor water vapor in the indoor air can also contribute to excessive condensation on vents.  Be sure and run bath and kitchen exhaust fans intermittently, and try limiting use of the clothes dryer to the morning and evening hours to keep induced infiltration of water vapor to a minimum. 

We recommend having the HVAC system professionally cleaned and performance-tested to be sure the correct quantity of air is in circulation by the fan and that the system is draining condensate properly.

What does SEER mean?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Simply put, it is a standardized measurement for the overall operating efficiency of an air conditioning system.  The higher the system's SEER rating, the more efficient it is at converting energy into air cooling.

My outside A.C. unit which controls my upstairs stopped working and I checked outside to find ice on the bottom part of the unit. I hosed it down to melt the ice and waited a couple of hours. When I turned back on the outside unit fan kicked in but I am getting no action in the house fan or AC. Is there a reset switch?

There are 2 things that cause this:  First, it freezes up for only two reasons. One is low on refrigerant and the other is usually your indoor blower is not working, which sounds like your issue. The blower motor itself could have failed or it could be a number of other problems causing your issue. The system needs to be diagnosed to be sure of the real problem.  There is no reset, and I would recommend you have us come out today and don’t try to open the system and check yourself, as sometimes that can cause more issues.  Also, turn off the system, as it will just freeze up again and could potentially harm your outdoor unit and compressor.

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